In Memory

By Year Deceased Alphabetically


Pauline Blalock (Goddard) (Class Of 1947)  
Don Cabral (Class Of 1974)  
Katherine Coble (Stilwell) (Class Of 1940)  
Tommie Denham (Lewis) (Class Of 1951)
Clive Gilchrist (Thomas) (Class Of 1951)  
Junior Lee (Class Of 1958)
Joyce Lucas (Parker) (Class Of 1961)  
Eva Matthews (Hardison) (Class Of 1945)  
Herman McDuffie (Class Of 1952)  
Patterson Michael Lynn (Class Of 1974)  
Jerry Mize (Class Of 1971)  
Martha Shaw (Butts) (Class Of 1942)  
Bobby Stewart (Class Of 1954)  
James Weldon Stewart (Class Of 1945)  
Nellie Taylor (Fogg) (Class Of 1959)  
Alene West (Orr) (Class Of 1944)  

James Ezra Bradford (Class Of 1939)  
Sam Burgess  
Garner Clark, Jr. (Class Of 1966)  
Edith Faircloth (Formulak) (Class Of 1942)  
Jean Hinesley (Burgess) (Class Of 1950)  
Pate, Jr. Howard (Class Of 1942)  
Shirley Hudson (Cockman)  
Karen Lee (Lasater) (Class Of 1976)  
Bonnie Massengill (Mays) (Class Of 1975)
Lewis Mize (Class Of 1965)  
Joyce Powell (Puryear) (Class Of 1950)
Linda Ray (Miller) (Class Of 1972)  
Dorothy Shaw (Burgess) (Class Of 1944)  
Samuel E. Sutton (Class Of 1950)  
Marie Wood (West) (Class Of 1941)  

Durwood Barefoot (Class Of 1961)  
Robert Butler (Class Of 1962)  
Robert Davis (Class Of 1970)  
Magdalene Frazier (Darden) (Class Of 1943)  
Wonnie Gilchrist (Jordan) (Class Of 1944)  
Charles Maylon Holder  
Wilbur Johnson (Class Of 1948)  
Ertie Lucas (Thomas) (Class Of 1957)  
Jacob E. "Jake" Matthews, Jr. (Class Of 1967)  
Sonny Maye, Jr (Class Of 1961)  
Betty A McDonald (Clark) (Class Of 1949)  
Ellen McLamb (Sulcer) (Class Of 1965)
Ernest W. (Woody) McLamb  
Terry Pulse (Class Of 1974)  
Catherine Raynor (Elwood) (Class Of 1947)  
James C. Raynor  
Annie Shaw (Class Of 1939)  
Neill Shaw, Jr. (Class Of 1957)  
James A. Taylor (Class Of 1955)  
Jeri Sue Thomas (Class Of 1963)  
Evelyn Boyce West (Litten) (Class Of 1940)  
Wade West (Class Of 1958)  

Charles Bain (Class Of 1950)  
Ken Black (Class Of 1952)
Dorothy Frazier (Class Of 1940)  
Pansy Gilbert (Jones) (Class Of 1964)  
Ronnie Griffin (Class Of 1975)  
Willie Lou McDonald (Gilchrist) (Class Of 1950)  
Sue Rogers (Raynor) (Class Of 1959)  
Geraldine Williams (Shaw) (Class Of 1950)

Dot Cameron (Yantis) (Class Of 1951)  
Edna Clark (Semple) (Class Of 1939)  
Rachel Salmon (Class Of 1967)  
Bobby Stone (Class Of 1964)  

Jeanette Moore (Morris) (Class Of 1965)
Wayne Rambeaut (Class Of 1968)  
James Raynor (F. ) (Class Of 1966)  

Joy Love (Mobley) (Class Of 1975)

Debra Ann Damron (Willard) (Class Of 1977)  

Michael Keith Williamson (Class Of 1975)  

Janice Barrett  

Michael Winchester (Class Of 1975)  

Warren Davis (Class Of 1969)  

Phyllis Bradford (Class Of 1974)  

Beatrice Allgood (Porter) (Class Of 1944)
O'Neil Benson (Class Of 1966)
Louise Black (Lee) (Class Of 1959)
Mary Boughton (West) (Class Of 1957)
Flora Brown (Stone) (Class Of 1950)
Joyce Brown (Butts) (Class Of 1953)
Dorothy Byrd (West) (Class Of 1947)
Larry Carr (Class Of 1952)
Freddie Clark (Class Of 1971)
Peggy Coats (Hamilton) (Class Of 1957)
Geneva Cote (Goins) (Class Of 1942)
Bill Cross (Class Of 1965)
Marie Darroch (Dove) (Class Of 1965)
Mary Ann Darroch (West) (Class Of 1965)
John W. Darroch, Jr. (Class Of 1949)
Roy Ellis (Class Of 1960)
Elaine Gilchrist (Class Of 1944)
Tyrecy Godfrey (Benson) (Class Of 1963)
Geneva Goins (Cote) (Class Of 1942)
John Lovies Hamilton (Class Of 1948)
Peggy Hamilton (Coats) (Class Of 1957)
Randal Oscar Hamilton (Class Of 1940)
Walter Elmo Johnson (Class Of 1952)
Bill Lasater (Class Of 1955)
Pearl Lee (West) (Class Of 1937)
Carolyn Lucas (Class Of 1960)
Diane McLAMB (Culbreth) (Class Of 1975)
Villa Mae Michaels (Ellis) (Class Of 1956)
Jeanette Morris (Moore) (Class Of 1965)
Carolyn Norris (Tart) (Class Of 1963)
Clayton Parker (Class Of 1964)
Charles Ray (Class Of 1965)
Billy Robertson (Holman) (Class Of 1942)
Lorene Rowe (Shaw) (Class Of 1941)
Carroll Shaw (Class Of 1955)
Colin Shaw (Class Of 1947)
Ruth Shaw (Jakeman) (Class Of 1942)
Norman Stone (Class Of 1944)
Paul Taylor (Class Of 1961)
Donald Thomas (Class Of 1968)
Marcelle Truelove (Bernstein) (Class Of 1945)
Kathy Wire (West) (Class Of 1965)
Faye Yow (Powell) (Class Of 1958)

Donald Johnson ((Principal))  

Alvis (Black)  
Lotes Lee (Holmes)  

Virginia Ashley (Shaw (Spouse Of Bill))  

Jean (Gray (Spouse Of Earl))  
Edythe Darden (West (Teacher))
Edward "Eddy" McDonald  

Robert M. Warren (Teacher)

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